About me


Contact me: zetterbergfan.com@gmail.com

Name: Chris Turner

Born: 1974 in Iowa

Graduated: Class of  '93 at Tahoma High School in Kent, WA 

Occupation: (1993-Present), United States Navy Submarine Logistics Specialist.

Wife: Christena

Married: 2001 in University Place, WA

Why am I a Redwings Fan?

I grew up in northern Iowa and my dad was a big hockey fan as long as I remember. He taught me to play the game on frozen lakes and to watch on tv whenever it was on. Since my step-mom was from Michigan, we often watched the Redwings when they played the Maple Leafs, North Stars, and Black Hawks. So, I have been a Wings fan since I was a kid (around 1983), back when they never won anything. Those weren't the best years record wise, but I didn't care. I was hooked. In the 80's my favorite players were Steve Yzerman, John Ogrodnick, and Gerard Gallant.
I moved away from the midwest and joined the military in the early 90's. But I followed from afar as young stars like Sergei Fedorov and Chris Osgood came along.
In 1997, I was out at sea for six months when they won the Stanley Cup (first in my lifetime). I was thrilled that they won, but bummed that it finally happened and I missed it. Luckily, I didn't have to wait long for it to happen again.
It was so awesome that they got the back to back cups in '97 and '98. I got to watch it all in 1998. I thought that was as good as it gets. After that, I thought all of the older veteren talent would hang it up. I figured it would be another "rebuilding phase".

However, The Redwings have been able to maintain supremecy. And the team I grew up loving became a dynasty from the mid 90's until now. Everyone became a fan again in the late 90's. I can remember when it wasn't so fashionable to be a Wing-nut. I remember people calling them the "Dead things". Now, no team has more fans (some are "fairweather"), fills more arenas, or sells more jerseys. 
Nowadays, I not only root for the team, but especially like rooting for Nicklas Lidstrom and Henrik Zetterberg. Having a little Swedish ancestry (not much, but I claim it), I am partial to Swedish players, not only for their nationality, but because I admire them for their smooth skills and gentlemanly approach to playing the game. Lidstrom, a future hall of famer that I predicted greatness from in his rookie season (1991) and Zetterberg, a star forward that I have been watching closely since the very day that he was drafted. I just had a feeling about Zetterberg from the minute he was picked. So, I started collecting pics and information online in order to start a career long documentation of his achievements to someday share with others. A few years passed and I had enough to start my fan site. In (2002), I predicted a Hall of Fame career from the skilled young Swede. I have been following him closely and posting it all here at zetterbergfan.com

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