Zetterberg Biography

Henrik Zetterberg

Birthdate: 1980-10-09

Born: Njurunda, Sweden
Hometown: Timra, Sweden

Position: LW, C

Jersey #: 40 (#20 retired by Timra in Sweden)

Shoots: Left
Height: 5'11"

Weight: 195 lbs  

Acquired by Red Wings:

Detroit's 4th choice, seventh round,

(210th overall) in the 1999 NHL Entry Draft


Contract History:

1st Contract, 2002: 3 years = 2.5 million (plus bonuses)

   2002-03    $875 Thousand

   2003-04    $825 Thousand

   2004-05    $800 Thousand (Not paid due to 2004-05 NHL lockout)

Agent: Sports Management Group Inc., Marc Levine, Gunnar Svensson


2nd Contract, 2005: 4 years = 10.6 million

   2.65 Million a season. Expired 2009.

Agent: Sports Management Group Inc., Marc Levine, Gunnar Svensson


3rd Contract, 2009: 12 years= 73 million

2009-10 $7.4 Million
2010-11 $7.75 Million
2011-12 $7.75 Million
2012-13 $7.75 Million
2013-14 $7.5 Million
2014-15 $7.5 Million
2015-16 $7.5 Million
2016-17 $7.5 Million
2017-18 $7.0 Million
2018-19 $3.35 Million
2019-20 $1.0 Million
2020-21 $1.0 Million
Average 6 million a season. Expires 2021.

Agent: Sports Management Group Inc., Marc Levine, Gunnar Svensson


Injury History:

2012-13 Missed 2 games (3/29/11-4/3/11) with sore groin
2011-12 Did not miss any games.
2010-11 Missed 2 games (4/8/11- 4/10/11) with injured left knee 
2009-10 Missed 8 games (12/17/09- 1/5/10) with separated left shoulder

2008-09 Missed 3 games (1/29/09 - 2/2/09) with back spasms

              Missed 2 games (10/15/08 - 10/19/08) with sore groin

2007-08 Missed All-Star Game (01/27/08) with sore back

              Missed 2 games (1/22//08 - 01/23/08) with sore back

              Missed 5 games (12/22/07 - 01/02/08) with back spasms

2006-07 Missed final 19 games of the season (02/26/07 - 04/11/07) with inflamed disc in back

2006-07 Missed All-Star Game (01/24/07) with tendonitis in left wrist

2005-06 Missed 3 games (01/18/06 - 01/23/06) with bruised hip

2003-04 Missed 21 games (11/4/03 - 12/15/03) with fractured right fibula

2002-03 Missed 3 games (10/25/02 through 10/29/02) with sore groin



Marital Status: Married to Swedish actress/model Emma Andersson,


Henrik and Emma's Wedding Page.
They currently live together in Bloomfield Hills, MI and reportedly spend the off-season at Emma's summer residence in Scania and in Henrik's house on Alnö.

Henrik and Emma are considered the David and Victoria “Posh” Beckham of Sweden.                                       

 "It's Zetterberg who is probably the most famous of the Wings in Sweden, mostly because they still remember him as a superstar from the Swedish Elite League. He was by far our best player when he left for Detroit. There's also the fact that there's some 'flash' around his name. He's considered very good-looking, and he's got the famous Swedish fiancée, Emma Andersson.”

“In our city, and in our county, he is more than a rock star. People here just call him Zata. That's all. He is very, very famous. Hank is the king there and Emma the queen." -Christer Jonasson of Swedish Radio to Detroit Free Press, (on Zetterberg’s celebrity status in Sweden) September 27th, 2009

Children: None



Swedish singer/actress, Emma Andersson



















"Best Man" : Per Hallin

Henrik's Parents:
Goran, a hockey coach in Njurunda.                                      

Mother, Ulla, an office supervisor.

Zetterberg: A Swedish ornamental name composed of the elements Zetter, an ornamental spelling of the place name element säter 'mountain pasture' + berg 'mountain'. (Pronounced Setter-Bear-j, with a soft j)


Henrik: Scandinavian, Low German, Hungarian and Slovene form of Henry
From the Germanic name Heimiric which meant "home ruler", composed of the elements heim "home" and ric "power, ruler".



"Zata", means "Z" in Swedish (He is known by this to fans in Sweden)

Hank, short for Henrik (...it was Brett Hull who began calling Henrik Zetterberg Hank because he didn't like Henrik. For some, even Hank was too long, so they shortened it to Z )


Henrik's first job ever was a summer job working in a bowling alley as part of a school program.

“I did most of the things, like cleaning the alley. If there was a problem with the machine, you'd have to run back and fix it." says Zetterberg.

Military Experience: At age 17, Zetterberg served in the Swedish Army for just 7 and 1/2 months, specializing in locating and conducting surveillance on the enemy.

"I didn't want to go! But, I ended up going and had a fun time. I was the guy who goes out before everybody and tries to find out where the enemy is on the field. It was something to remember!" says Zetterberg.

Military service is mandatory in Sweden. All Swedish men between age 18 and 47 can be called to serve with the armed forces. Less than one fifth of the country's eligible 19-year-olds are actually drafted each year. Military service comprises between 8 to 15 months of training, taking the school terms into consideration.

One more interesting superstition: Henrik Zetterberg needs the water he drinks at room temperature.



Clothes: "Zatacollection", "Tiger" (Swedish), Hugo Boss suits

Pet pug named Donnie Brasco

Movie: "The Godfather", "Donnie Brasco"

Hobbies: Boating, Wake boarding.

Favorite off season sporting activity: Tennis. "I grew up with a tennis court 20 (meters) away from my house (in Klockarberget, Njurunda). I always played tennis." Also played soccer growing up in Sweden.

Why he chose hockey over soccer: "I'm from up north in Sweden and hockey is bigger up there than soccer, so it was an easy choice," says Zetterberg.

Cars: Porsche, but he drives an SUV (BMW X5) also has a BMW M5.

Music: "Some days I listen to a lot of Swedish music. Lars Winnerbäck is one and Ulf Lundell is another. But I like all kinds of music, so it’s tough for me to point out one that I really listen to. Right now before I go down to the game in my car I listen to a lot of Bob Dylan music, that’s kind of what it’s been lately." -January 2008

Childhood Idols: Wayne Gretzky and Mats Sundin.

Food: Steak 

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